Wellbeing & Mystic Services

Providing meditation classes, private psychic readings, spiritual retreats, reiki healing, psychic mini high-teas, spiritual workshops and much more.


At Wellbeing & Mystic Services we offer a variety of services to benefit your wellbeing and expand your spiritual growth.

Mini High-Tea

Scones with tealeaf readings.

Private Readings

Private psychic readings.


Encouraging spiritual growth.


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Reiki Healing

Reiki healing sessions.


Meditation classes.

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About Us

From my earliest days, I recall connection with the spirit world in numerous ways. Throughout my 60 years I have walked many different paths that has taught me spiritual growth, awakening my intuitive psychic and healing abilities. Through my learnings I have grown in empathy, compassion enabling me to recognize the needs of people individually and the community at hand.

My life experience has now become a reality with the creation of Wellbeing & Mystic Services, Wellbeing & Mystic Centre, Wellbeing & Mystic Retreats and Wellbeing & Mystic Festival. With the intention to inspire, support by giving those souls whom are searching, a safe environment to find their unique self, peace and purpose.

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